Well/Cyma L96 AWP MB4401 Sniper Magazine 40rds

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Well L96 AWP Mb4401 Sniper Rifle Magazine 40rds

Well mb4401 40 Round Sniper Rifle Magazine features a rugged full metal shell, giving it an authentic look and feel.  This magazine has a higher ammo capacity than most other sniper rifle magazines on the market, which allows you to take down more targets before having to reload.  Reloading the magazine is very easy, and takes econds with a standard speedloader.  Complete your sniper loadout with this high quality, full metal MK96 AWP magazine.

Construction:  Rugged Full Metal Shell / Metal and Plastic Internals
Capacity:  40 rounds
Operation:  Low Capacity Spring Magazine

Compatibility:  Well Gen 4 MK96 AWP Airsoft Sniper Rifles (MB4401 Series)


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