City Arena

Admission Prices:

All Admission Prices Now Include All-Day Air!

Friday: $25 Per Player

Saturday All-Day 12pm-8pm: $35 Per Player

Saturday Night Special: $20 Per Player

Sunday: $30 Per Player

Rental Prices: 

Airsoft rentals start at $25, the rental package includes one rental airsoft gun, 1000 rounds of bbs, and a mask 

Upgraded rentals (Avalon Sopmod) are available for $45 which includes one upgraded rental gun, 1000 rounds of bbs, and a mask

Mask rentals are $10 for a basic Valken mask or $15 for a Dye i5 or HK Army mask

Vest rentals $10

Skirmesh Band rentals $2
All admission prices exclude special ops/events and rentals. Prices are subject to change.

Objective Based Gaming

Capture objectives, detonate targets, or medic at Skirmesh-enabled fields. We track every action so you don't have to. Review past games and follow your progress in National Rankings.

Game Modes and Missions

King of the Hill - Raise your team's color flag (located at the center of the field). The team whos flag is raised at the end of the game is the winner

Team Deathmatch - Take on and eliminate the enemy team to control the majority of the field.

Bomb Plant - Capture the bomb and bring it to your team's designated building, defend it until the end of the round

Conquest / Domination - 3 points on the field that each team is trying to control. The team that gains control of the majority of the points is the victor.

Down Pilot - A friendly pilot is down behind enemy lines. One team defends, the other needs to rescue their pilot and return him to safety.

Capture The Flag - Steal the enemy's flag and bring it back to your flag's location

Bank Heist - Nearside team defends the bank and the gold bars inside the safe. Farside must get to the bank, open the safe, and collect 1 gold bar at a time which must be brought to the getaway truck (at the gas station).

Scavenger - Players will search the field for ammo cans, medical supplies, and more. Players will need to keep their supplies safe from the enemy team.

Kill Count - Rack up more eliminations than the enemy team does.

Medic - A game mode where your only respawn is your designated team medic.

Skirmesh Arm Band
Skirmesh Arm Band
Skirmesh Arm Band
Skirmesh Arm Band
Skirmesh Arm Band
Skirmesh Arm Band
Skirmesh Arm Band
Skirmesh Arm Band

Skirmesh Arm Band

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Purchase a Skirmesh band to track your own scores while you play!

When you purchase your own Skirmesh band you will be able to track your own score and earn points at Extreme Airsoft and other participating fields across the country!


Once you get your Skirmesh band:

  1. Go to then click Sign In in the top right corner
  2. Create a Profile then sign in
  3. Click on the menu then click on Profile
  4. Click on RFID
  5. Type in the code from the back of your wristband into the website exactly as shown
  6. Click Connect
  7. Play!

Welcome to Extreme Airsoft City Arena

Gaming on our EA Village Field
Gaming on our EA Village field
Gaming on our EA Village field