Walther Reign UXT .25 Caliber PCP Bullpup Air Rifle

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This Bullpup design is ambidextrous, accurate, and powerful in this compact .25 caliber Reign UXT package.

Walther has crowned a new king to reign Pre-Charged Pneumatic Bullpup rifles, the Walther Reign UXT. This version is chambered in .25 caliber and is here to bring full ambidextrous, hard-hitting shooting performance to shooters in North America. The Reign UXT uses an auto-indexing 9 shot magazine and a compact, glass-smooth side cocking lever offering the shooter the ultimate in fast follow-up shots. The Reign UXT can be changed from right-handed to left-handed shooting configuration and the mag can be inserted from either side as well! This bullpup design in .25 caliber delivers in power and accuracy shooting pellets at 870 FPS.

The Walther Reign UXT is suited well for filling with a PCP hand pump. That’s because maximum FPS is achieved with a fill of just 2,400 PSI. Comfortably within hand pump filling for just about any high-pressure airgun owner.

The muzzle brake is permanently attached.

33.95 grain JSB Exact King Heavy velocity delivers in the 750 fps range, which is around the 40 ft. lb. mark good for some airgun hunting.

25.39 JSB Exact King delivers velocities in the 830 fps range.

The Reing UXT as many as 40 shots on a full fill with an ideal shot string from 12 to 20 depending on your pellet choice.

  • 9 Shot .25 caliber Rotary Magazine
  • Compact Bullpup design
  • Fully Ambidextrous
  • Lightweight Design
  • Integrated Picatinny rails
  • Quick Detach Sling Mount
  • Tough All-Weather Polymer Stock
  • 3,300 PSI Capacity HPA Tank
  • Up to 40 Shots Per Fill
  • Adjustable Trigger
  • Distinctive Walther Grip Texture
  • Fast Action Cocking Lever
  • Integrated Pressure Gauge
  • Made in Germany
  • 32.75" overall length
  • Fixed muzzle brake
  • Solid Picatinny rail
  • Very ergonomic


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