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T4E .43 Caliber Reusable Rubber Ball Training Ammo - 430ct

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  • Functional and stable in even extreme temperatures
  • Water resistant casings allow for use in wet or damp environments
  • High visibility paint allows for positive hit confirmation
  • Designed for maximum accuracy
  • Special formulation provides for easy clean up
  • For use with .43 caliber training weapons only
Designed specifically for LE/MIL training scenarios the T4E .43 rubber training munition is designed to offer top of the line accuracy and performance in a training munition. Constructed from dense rubber T4E training munitions provide a safer and easier to utilize substitute to the traditional simunition training medium allowing for more flexible training scenarios.

Manufacturer: Umarex/T4E


Quantity: 430 rounds
Compatibility: .43 caliber training markers
Material: Rubber

  • Designed for training use ONLY not for recreational use


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