Remote Control Activated Claymore Airsoft Anti-Personnel Mine

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  • Brand: AMA
  • Construction: Injection Molded Polymer / Steel
  • BB Capacity: 150 Rounds
  • Trigger Device: Trip Wire or Remote Control
  • Lightweight and durable injection molded polymer housing accurately replicates the look and feel of the popular AP mine
  • Spring loaded design requires no propellant (BBs are launched forward when the front portion of the mine is released
  • Can be activated either with the included remote control or with a trip wire, providing tactical flexibility for most scenarios
  • Integrated folding stand makes placement easy and ensures that your claymore won't tip over even in the most unstable of conditions
  • Accurate 1:1 scale replica fits in all surplus M7 Claymore bondoleers
  • Double locking safety prevents accidental discharges
  • Each remote can be paired to more than one mine / set of mines, allowing for easy set up of ambushes
Package Includes: 1x Claymore, 1x Remote


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