Perun Low Resistance Mosfet for Krytac Kriss Vector
Perun Low Resistance Mosfet for Krytac Kriss Vector
Perun Low Resistance Mosfet for Krytac Kriss Vector

Perun Low Resistance Mosfet for Krytac Kriss Vector

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Perun for Krytac Kriss Vector is a "drop-in" system for Kriss Vector replicas by Krytac. It provides many additional features, including an active brake and full cycle control, which means that the shot will be fired even after a quick, short pull of the trigger.

Freely programmable fire modes - Single, burst or automatic fire can be set at any position of the selector (except "secured"), regardless of setting to another position.
Active brake - Stops the engine after each shot, preventing the spring from "churning", and in the case of faster replicas - it does not allow overspin (double shot instead of single).
Precocking- Quick response to squeezing the trigger can make the difference between winning and losing, especially in indoor fights. When precocking is on, the piston will remain in the rear position after each shot, ensuring that the shot is fired as soon as the trigger is squeezed. To release the spring after using precocking, hold the trigger in for 2 seconds. After this time, a second shot will be fired, without precocking and with the brake active.
Rate of Fire Reduction - Reduce the rate of fire with auto or burst fire to save ammo or increase realism.
Low battery alarm- Designed for Li-Po and Li-Ion batteries. If the battery voltage drops to a dangerously low level, the user will be notified with short beeps repeated every minute.
Diagnostic system - Constantly checks the condition of the electronics and the replica. In the event of a problem, it will immediately inform you what could have caused it, making it easier to fix the problem.
Electronic fuse - It will protect the replica and the battery in a serious failure. It will automatically disconnect the battery if a short circuit is detected or the gearbox is jammed.

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