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Lancer Tactical MICH 2000 SF Helmet

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The MICH 2000 SF helmet is currently issued to a number of Special Operations groups. The helmet is very light weight, and very comfortable to wear due to the included padding inside the helmet. The chin strap is fully adjustable at 4 different locations; therefore it fits almost everyone.

This Lancer Tactical MICH 2000 SF helmet is the ultimate helmet for people who like the hardcore special forces / military contractor look. It comes with 2 rails to accommodate lights, cameras or other accessories. It also comes with a night vision shroud in the front for night vision goggles or other cameras.

This replica of the MICH 2000 by Lancer Tactical WILL NOT stop bullets but will protect against airsoft BBs. For an authentic special forces look that protects your head, look no further than the Lancer Tactical MICH SF 2000.

Manufacturer: Lancer Tactical
Model: MICH 2000 with NVG Mount Replica
Color: Black

Durable, High Quality Construction
Great Head Protection
Google Strap Retention System
Great Replica of the Real Thing


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