HFC Mini Pistol Grenade Launcher

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The HFC Mini Grenade launcher shoots out 40 bbs in one shot. It is the perfect addition to a pistol or submachine gun where a full sized launcher wouldn't fit. This mini grenade launcher attaches to most standard 20mm accessory rails (picatinny, weaver, etc.), and only requires 5in of space. It features a sturdy polymer construction, and a unique design while packing a mighty little punch. This mini grenade launcher is great for if someone catches you off guard when you're reloading.


  • To fire you pull the ring at the back
  • Fires all 40 rounds with one shot
  • Fits on standard 20mm accessory rails
  • Powered by green gas/propane
  • Has a picatinny rail on the bottom so that you can add more tactical accessories

Made by HFC


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