Goat Guns Mini SVD Model

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It's hard not to talk in a Russian accent when speaking of the SVD. This model is a modern and historic relic that can now be shown off on your desk at home.

Get your hands on a piece of history. Part of the Sarge's classic collectors series, you will be impressed by the durability. 

  • Miniature SVD (Snayperskaya Vinyovka Dragunov) toy model
  • Pure black metal with Wood-grain metal stock & guards
  • View through scope
  • Bolt functions


  • Goat Guns mini SVD assembled reaches 11" (28cm). It is spot on at 1:3 scale of the SVD. It is 100% die cast metal including the wood grain (opposed from the AK models that the wood grain is plastic). 
  • Weighs 8 ounces.


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