EXUDE OD50 Illuminator

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EXUDE OD50 White Illuminator by Optical Dynamics and Umarex USA is a high-performance illuminator that can potentially help rescuers save lives in search and rescue missions. It’s also an unmatched tool for professional investigators or inspectors who cannot afford to miss important details. Because of its utterly blinding brightness, EXUDE is also ideal for security purposes. EXUDE also offers performance advantages to predator hunters, because it will not spook game like coyote even when using the white light. EXUDE makes seeing in the dark easier in your day-to-day or night-to-night activities, wherever you need to see detail at distance. Three brightness settings and focusable at varying distances to make a crisp circle of light. Makes it easier to see what you intend to identify without the distractions of light spill. It comes in a protective hard carry case with a USB charging block and cord. *Everybody wants to know the Lumen value, but the 250 Lumen rating of an Exude Light is misleading. As used in reference to flashlights, lumen refers to the total amount of light radiated by the light. Because this measurement doesn't consider the focusing efficiency of a reflector, or the Direct Projection Technology as used in this Exude light, it does not indicate how "bright" the focused beam actually is. A flood lamp with a very wide dim appearing pattern can have the same lumen rating as a very tightly focused intensely bright spot lamp assembly. So, you need to see it to believe it. It’s like there’s a circular HD TV out there.


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