Beretta M92 A1

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The Beretta M92 A1 captures the exquisite Italian design and functional ergonomics of the original. The Beretta 9mm has a long lineage with law enforcement and militaries around the world. And now there’s a CO2 operated replica with a realistic blowback action that is an excellent stand-in for the original. The metal frames gives the M92 A1 a realistic feel that makes it both a faithful reproduction and a valuable training tool.

For those who want something more, the M92 A1 offers a burst-fire mode. This option was only found on the Beretta Model 93R, a select-fire handgun produced for the Italian military from 1979 to 1993. The selector on the M92 A1 is tucked away on the right side of the receiver. The pistol holds 18 steel BBs in a magazine that also houses the CO2.


Full-Auto/ Semi-Auto
Full metal
Realistic recoil action
18-shot airsoft 6mm pistol
CO2 housed in the magazine
Drop-free CO2 magazine
Fixed front and rear sights

Manufacturer: Elite Force (Licensed by Beretta)


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