Angel Custom Stainless Steel 6.01mm Tightbore Inner Barrel w/ RHOP Installed

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  • Crafted from high quality SUS 304 stainless steel
  • Precision machined 6.01mm inner diameter
  • Polished internal barrel provides enhanced accuracy and range over stock inner barrels
  • Precision fitted high density rubber patch fitted to hop-up window and sanded flush
  • Improved air seal and back spin
  • Stabilized projectile flight
  • High tolerances for inconsistencies in Airsoft BBs
About the inner barrel: Angel Custom G2 6.01mm Inner Barrel Series are the pinnacle of quality and performance in the Airsoft Industry. Utilizing advanced machining technology and premium grade materials, making them among the best precision barrels constructed for Airsoft.
Angel Custom G2 6.01mm Inner Barrels are crafted from high quality 100% pure SUS304 high density stainless steel to minimize the vibration during rapid fire. In return, enhanced accuracy and range is achieved. SUS304 is precisely determined to be the optimized material for the Airsoft tight bore barrel application. In addition, each barrel is crowned to further increase consistency. Despite it's higher construction cost and manufacturing complexity, SUS304 provides the precision, hardness and durability to out-shine all others. Not only is it naturally rust resistant, but it is hard enough to keep its shape for an extremely long period of time. True stainless steel barrel allows you to focus on your game instead of worrying about bent or worn inner barrels. Aluminum and brass barrels will encounter deviations from being perfectly straight through time, usage and transportation. The Angel Custom G2 barrels are polished to a mirror finish on the interior with precision crowned end. Each Angel Custom G2 barrel will be delivered to you perfectly in a free-floating high density Angel transportation storage tube.

About R-Hop: R-Hop is a popular modification in the Airsoft community which a high density rubber patch is installed in the hop up window and then polished flat on the inside of the barrel to ensure perfect fitment. R-Hop improves the consistency of each consecutive shot, improves peak backspin and airseal and provides the user with higher tolerances to imperfections in the projectile. All of these features combine to offer the Airsofter a higher performing Airsoft weapon.


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