Valken Alpha Half Finger Gloves

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Whether you are an airsoft or paintball player, getting shot on the hand hurts! Protect knuckles and half your fingers from the impact of BBs and paintballs. The tips of your fingers are exposed for players that need to feel their equipment and easily use their accessories. This low profile armor design is tough and helps lessen the pain you feel from the force of a shot. Valken has done a great job ensuring the mobility of this model is flexible while staying in place on your hands with the wrist closure. The breathable mesh allows air to flow and reduce your chances of getting sweaty hands throughout the day. Additionally, there is a leather palm for getting down and dirty on the terrain. Keep your hands as clean as possible, this non-bleeding fabric prevents your hands from getting stained with material that you may find in other gloves. The integrated carrier clip binds the gloves to assure they are kept together when you are on or off the field. Overall, this set is suitable for players that want affordable gloves to protect their hands from harm and bruises.

Manufacturer: Valken
Model: Alpha Half Finger Gloves
Size: Choose an Option
Color: Black, Olive, or Tan
Package Includes: 1x Pair of Gloves


  • Impact resistant low profile armor design
  • Flexible articulating joints
  • Adjustable elastic wrist closure
  • Breathable air mesh fabric
  • Stretch elastic cuff
  • Reinforced high wear contact points
  • Durable synthetic leather palm
  • Non-bleeding fabric - No stained hands
  • Integrated carrier clip


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