Airsoft Innovations Tornado Distraction Device Kit

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The Airsoft Innovations Tornado Grenade Distraction Device Kit turns your Tornado Timer Grenade into a 119 decibel sound grenade! The conversion from a fragmentation grenade to a sound grenade takes less than a minute, and is completely reversible. The burst discs are disposable, easily accessible, and very inexpensive! Airsoft Innovation's burst discs can be used with both HFC134a gas and propane! The discs create an incredibly loud "pop" which will definitely disorient and distract opposing airsoft players, giving you the upper hand.

The Distraction Device Kit for Tornado Grenades by Airsoft Innovations is a great combat simulation device, adding a sense of realism to your airsoft game! The Distraction Device Kit is easy to install, and instantly turns your Tornado grenade into an extremely loud sound grenade!


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