Action Army M150 Power Spring

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Action Army Company (AAC) was founded on the year 2010 and is currently located in Taiwan. Originally, Action Army Company focused on creating high performance parts for the gearbox but have expanded on creating CNC external parts. Action Army has the ability to CNC machine, die cast, forge, stamp, powder coat, etc. their parts for the most durability and consistent excellent appearance. Their goal is to build new products with a much stronger yet lighter material to achieve the most efficiency from your airsoft gun internally and externally.

The Action Army Piano Wire AEG Spring is designed with an irregular pitch spring that is easier to compress and reduces the stress on the piston during pick up by the sector gear. The "M" rating of a spring is often related to a general velocity rating imparted by the spring, in this case, "150" notes 150 meters per second, which converts to ~490 FPS, depending on gearbox factors, such as gear stroking and compression efficiency.


Manufacturer: Action Army
Model: Piano Wire M150 AEG Spring
Package Includes: Spring


  • Steel Construction
  • Non-Linear Spring
  • ~490 FPS


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