Please note that admissions and pre-registrations are non-refundable.

      City Arena
      EAST Arena

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      Admission Prices:

       SUMMER SPECIAL: Friday $20 per player (normally $25)
       SUMMER SPECIAL: Saturday ALL-DAY Admission (Session 1&2) $25 per player (normally $50), Session 3 $20 per player
       SUMMER SPECIAL: Sunday $20 per player (normally $25)

      Rental Prices: 

       Airsoft rentals start at $25, the rental package includes one rental airsoft gun, 1000 rounds of bbs, and a mask 

       Upgraded rentals (Firehawk with Tracer Unit or Avalon Sopmod) are available for $45 which includes one upgraded rental gun, 1000 rounds of bbs, and a mask

       Mask rentals are $10 for a basic Valken mask or $15 for a Dye i5 or HK Army mask

       Vest rentals $10

       Skirmesh Band rentals $2
      All admission prices exclude special ops/events and rentals. Prices are subject to change. 
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