The Fight Before Christmas III: Santa's Return - Main Event Pre-Registration

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December 18, 2021

Main Event 11:00 am - 6:00 pm

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After years of fighting for control of Christmas, the armies of Lucky the Leprechaun and Jack the Pumpkin King are caught in a stalemate. Neither army is able to achieve total victory over the other as control of the holiday passes back and forth between factions. At the moment, Lucky holds the throne.

As the snow settles on another, Lucky bolsters his defenses and digs his men in to defend the workshops from the coming Pumpking Army offensive. He fought hard for this honor, and he's determined to keep it this year.

Out of the snowfall, Jack's Pumpkin Army approaches, ready to rush the defenders and take back what they see as rightfully theirs.

As the two mighty armies stare each other down, guns drawn and ready for battle a jolly "ho ho ho" rings out followed by the sound of sleigh bells. A fleet of red sleighs land at the center of the battlefield led by the big man himself, Kris Kringle.

Santa Claus is back, and he's brought his Grand Jolly Army to remind all the other holidays why he's in charge.

Lucky's Leprechauns (Recommended Uniform: Green)
Jack's Pumpkin Army (Recommended Uniform: Black)
Santa's Jolly Army (Recommended Uniform: Red)
Rudolph's Roughnecks (Recommended Uniform: Red)

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