EA Fight Night Pre-Registration January 22

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January 22, 2022 

8:30 pm - 11:30 pm

Tournament Style Event


Tracers are REQUIRED for this event!

Semi Auto ONLY

  • Teams will "breakout: from starting wall located at the center of Team Spawn (guns must be pointing at spawn wall with one foot touching the wall)
  • All types of guns are allowed for this event
  • Rifles - mid caps only
  • Pistols - extended mags and M4 mag adapters are permitted, NO DIY mag adapters
  • Shotguns - shell fed or AR mag 
  • No limit of total number of shells or mags
  • No minimum engagement distance
  • No surrenders or "bang bang" kills
  • Blade triggers, binary, and dropping trigger guards are allowed when the hand goes up - stop shooting!
  • Any bodily contact with a BB is considered a hit
  • If opposing players shoot each other at the same time, both players are out
  • Dry fires and ricochets DO NOT count as a hit



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