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EA Customs "Raptor"

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Velociraptors are back on the hunt! Now as a VFC MK18 DSG build, with custom laser engraving to match! Maxx Blue External Parts, K-Tech Amplifier, PTS Enhanced Polymer Stock, Grip, and Magazine, plus index clips grace the externals, while internally boasts a GATE Titan among other parts in a fully upgraded gearbox. Includes a Titan Li-Ion 11.1v and Charger, this is a setup ready to rock and roll on the field, with a trigger response like you've only dreamed of! 

Fun Fact: Raptors were approximately the size of a turkey!

FPS: 330 w/ .25g BB

RPS: 53 RPS w/ Titan 11.1v Li-Ion Battery

Parts List:

  • VFC MK18 Base
  • GATE Titan Basic
  • G&G 150 Spring
  • SHS High Strength Polycarbonate Puston w/ Steel Teeth
  • Prometheus 6.03 Tightbore Barrel
  • Modify 8mm Ceramic Bearing Set
  • SHS Tappet for V2
  • Maple Leaf Macaron Rubber 70 degree
  • Rocket Airsoft Dual Sector Gear
  • Lancer Tactical 16:1 Gearset
  • Maxx CNC Cylinder
  • Maxx CNC Piston Head
  • ASG Infinity 30000 Long Type Motor
  • Maxx CNC Hopup Unit


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