Airsoft Parties

Airsoft Party Packages

 Small Party
5-10 Players

Medium Party
11-15 Players
Large Party
16-20 Players
Custom Party
Unlimited Players
Custom Pricing



Things to know before your party:

  • The price includes a rifle, mask, and 1,000 BBs for each player
  • If you have more or less players show up, we will adjust the price accordingly on the day of the event
  • All parties must be paid in full in order to book. Party fees are subject to our normal return/refund policy
  • We have a "party room" that is available for no additional charge. Please note that this room may not always be available
  • Each party is 2 hours long, this includes check-in time, any meal breaks, or other breaks the party wishes to take. We cannot guarantee 2 hours of play time
  • You may bring in your own food, drinks, and/or décor. If you bring your own food you are responsible for bringing paper goods
  • If you choose to purchase a food package through us we will provide all supplies
  • We recommend that you direct all invitees to our website to visit the New Player Info page for more details about airsoft. 
  • Party hosts MUST remain on premises for the duration of the party
  • Party goers are held to the same rules as any other player and are subject to the same discipline. This includes sitting out games or ejection from gaming for the rest of the day (party). There will be no refunds for misbehaving. 

Party Add-Ons

 Private Party Fee Basic Food Package
  • 1 Referee assigned to your event
  • Exclusive use of entire field
  • Use of party room
  • 3 Large cheese pizzas and 12 drinks 

$100 $60


Party Room



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